First time for everything

August was truly a month of firsts.  Here are a few that still have me in the clouds:

  • First book – a soft cover copy of Mirror Images arrives from WestBow Press for my approval. It was surreal to see my book in print and to hold it in my hands. I was positively giddy!  What a rush … I couldn’t stop grinning and enthusing, “Oh, my gosh. It looks like a real book!”
  • First shipment – UPS arrives with eleven boxes of books.  Reality sinks in as we stack them in the guestroom.  What do I know about marketing or sales?
  • First sale – to my amazing husband who bought one of five hardcover copies in existence and insisted on paying full price.  Love that man!
  • First interview – results in a front page article about Mirror Images in the local paper.  The write-up includes several misstatements but no one seems to notice. My dad calls to tell me I’m famous.
  • First autograph – my brother asks me to sign his book. He’s convinced that owning the second copy ever sold will be worth something on e-bay when Mirror Images hits the bestseller’s list …
  • First online sale – a friend in Florida emails to tell me she bought an e-book of Mirror Images on Amazon.
  • First launch party – held at the Avalon Hotel and attended by approximately 100 friends and family despite a torrential downpour right before start time. A truly special night.
  • First author video – WestBow sent a very patient man over from MN to shoot a video. All I can say, is  “deer in the headlights.” I hope WestBow LA has a great editing team!
  • First time Mirror Images is stocked – five copies on consignment at the Local Store in Eau Claire.  How long do I have to wait before I go back and take a picture of it on the shelf?
  • First booking for an “author chat” – set for Sept 23 at the Chippewa Falls Public Library.  I’m bringing cookies in case I run out of things to say …
  • First big event – WestBow Press contacts me to do two book signings at the Kansas City Women of Faith event at the end of September.  Wondering what to wear and if I’ll get to meet MercyMe.

That’s it for me.  Have you done something recently that you never thought you’d do?  I’d love to hear about it.

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Edits and galleys and eproofs oh my

Who knew getting a book ready for publication would be nearly as much work as writing one? The past four months have been a crazy whirl of activity as I finished a final edit on my manuscript, worked with an amazing photographer (a.k.a my daughter-in-law) on a cover image, angsted over fonts, gliphs, and backcover blurbs, worked with WestBow’s book design team, checked and rechecked galleys, and finally reviewed eproofs. A little overwhelming at times, but Mirror Images is finally at the printers. I should receive my first book any day. You will probably hear my shriek when it arrives!

I am also scheduled to “star” in an author video in the near future. Gotta say, this one is way out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, the videographer will be an editing genius able to make me look twenty pounds lighter, ten years younger, and loads smarter …

Chat with you soon.

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Moving Along

On Monday, I officially became an author when WestBow Press announced I’d won the grand prize in the 2012 Women of Faith writing contest with my novel, Mirror Images. I am excited, humbled, and more than a little apprehensive. I mean, the pressure’s on. My first post on my new blog should be memorable, witty and creative, right? As close to perfect as writing and re-writing can make it…

But then I realized I’m many things besides a writer: wife, mother, sister, friend. None of my other endeavors has come even close to perfection. There are no do-overs in life–no delete key or backspace–why should my blog pretend a polish I don’t possess? So I’m diving in and trust you will forgive any and all imperfections.

I named my blog “Along the Way” despite suggestions that as an author, it would be smarter to brand the site with my name. As a Christ follower, I decided I’d rather stamp my blog with His brand. To me, Jesus is the Way. My job is to walk the path He’s set before me sharing His truth with those I meet Along the Way.

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