On Becoming a Better Backseat Driver

On a recent road trip to Alabama, we loaded up the car, programmed an address into the GPS, and took off—with little advance planning and less concern about the maze of unknown streets, intersections, and highways that lay between us and our final destination. This, despite the fact that past experience had proven our GPS to be less than perfect. Although the technology is good, even the latest updates can’t catch every detour or closed bridge, and Minnie, as we affectionately dubbed our navigation system, has demonstrated a tendency to get confused by turn lanes, parking lots, and ferryboats.

Why is it that many of us will blindly follow a GPS into uncharted territory but hesitate to turn over control of our daily walk—or of our final destination—to a God who created the very worlds and satellites our GPS uses to pinpoint a location? A God who doesn’t get lost and go mute in a Walmart parking lot or repeatedly urge us to drive fifty feet off the front of a ferry.

In Luke 9:23, Jesus calls us to follow Him. In order to follow in obedience, we must be willing to let Jesus lead. It’s not easy to surrender control of our plans, our hopes and dreams, or our lives, but that is His daily challenge. Jesus wants us to acknowledge His sovereignty and to trust Him with all aspects of our lives. We need to settle into the backseat and let Him drive us through the dark streets and raging storms of life. Who better to navigate the narrow way home than the One who proclaimed, “I am the Way.”

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